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Locally roasted

All our beans are roasted locally and on a small scale. This gives each bean better time to taste.

Fresh cup of coffee

We can guarantee freshness by producing on a small scale. Because fresh beans means better taste.

Worldwide shipping

Everyone can enjoy our delicious race boost coffee, we ship worldwide within 48 hours after ordering!

Coffee from cyclists for cyclists

December 2018, Wrap My Bike was created from a passion for bicycles and beautiful products. A passion that flows through all our veins in the body and which we share successfully reaching hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide

We also love coffee very much. So much so that we suspect that our blood is now black instead of red 😜

And of course coffee and cycling go very well together. The search for a perfect cycling coffee started at the beginning of 2021. 8 months later, together with a local roaster, we found the perfect cycling coffee, called 'Koersboost'. The coffee for cyclists that is made locally, on a small scale and therefore super fresh. With an unparalleled taste experience, if we do say so ourselves!

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'Soft in taste with a cream layer'

I often don't like coffee... but this one does! Soft in taste with a cream layer on top. And no aftertaste, so delicious!

More about Koersboost coffee:

The taste of our beans

Yes we know, you should taste coffee and not talk too much about it. yet we make an attempt. 

This custom coffee is a so-called Dark roast. The beans are roasted slowly so that the flavor penetrates into the core of the bean. The taste is therefore clearly present. Without aftertaste, which makes the coffee pleasant to drink. 

The beans come from 4 different countries. Brazil, Inida, Ethiopia and Colombia. The best of these 4 countries come together in this Koersboost coffee.

70 cups of coffee

Did you know that our 500 gram coffee bags hold 70 cups of coffee? So you can enjoy 1 bag of coffee with 2 cups per day for more than 1 month.

The 'Koersboost'

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a natural substance that gives the body a boost. In the world of cycling, this fabric is often used for the finals. It provides extra alertness and is performance-enhancing. This is the exact boost you get when drinking a (strong) cup of coffee. A boost that not only stimulates performance on the bike, but also next to the bike.

This is what we call 'Koersboost'.

500gr Coffee

€ 12,95,-
70 Cups of Coffee
Receive 1x our 500 gram Koersboost coffee bag.

1000gr Coffee

€ 24,95,-
140 Cups of Coffee
Receive 2x our 500 gram Koersboost coffee bag.

1500gr Coffee

€ 34,95,-
210 Cups of Coffee

Receive 3x our 500 gram Koersboost coffee bag.

The ideal gift package

Everyone knows, you are going on a birthday or the holidays are coming up and you have no idea what to give. Giving money can always only be a unique gift that you can also enjoy, you really make an impression with it. A simple but fun package that will come in handy for everyone.

The ideal gift for your best cycling friend or for your colleague who drinks coffee all day, your family or your friends, it doesn't matter! The package is suitable for everyone who loves good coffee and deserves something unique.

Custom projects

Not only do we sell our coffee, but we also make crazy projects with it. For promotion, we cover bicycle products with our coffee beans every now and then in order to create beautiful content and receive nice reactions. Check out our custom projects page for more info.

Very good coffee!

A delicious cup of coffee, with a good cream layer.

Hans B
A coffee that everyone likes
Koersboost is an Arabica coffee roast that everyone likes.

James G

Tasty, without aftertaste!

Koersboost has a nice taste and without aftertaste. Which is important for me.